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Tanzania - Air and Land
Kamchatka - Wild and Pure
Polar Bear Special Project

Magic of the World - as seen in National Geographic channel Israel

Secrets of Tanzania
The Magic of Uganda
The Magic of Costa Rica
The Magic of Svalbard
The Magic of Iceland
Phototeva - Experience the World!

National TV Channel 1 - World View (Royim Olam)

Antarctica and South Georgia
Costa Rica

Talk Shows

Channel 1 - The Edition on the Arctic Circle
Channel 10 - Morning Show on Award Winning
Channel 10 - Morning Show On Global Warming
Channel 10 - with Yaron London on Svalbard
Channel 10 - Madagascar seeing Drone for the 1st time
Channel 10 Morning Show Interview on Traveling
Channel 2 - Beauty with Naama Kasri
Channel 10 - The Professionals show
Channel 10 Morning Show Interview
Channel 2 - Secrets of good life
Channel 2 Morning Show - On Africa
Channel 2 Prime Time
Channel 20 - On Israel's Photography Convention 2014
Photography Therapy
Channel 2 - Beauty with Naama Kasri on Photography Tips
Channel 20 - Snow in the Golan 2015
Guide to the Tourist of the Galaxy
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