Roie Galitz - Speaker

In his inspirational talks, Roie Galitz, one of the world’s top wildlife photographers, shares his personal experiences from intimate encounters with rare animals around the globe. With great visuals and sense of humor, Roie reveals the secrets behind the camera and provides his listeners relevant and practical tools.


7 levels of image awareness

A unique model, developed by Roie Galitz, concerning the 7 levels of image awareness by the viewer. Something we will need to know in this day and age. English Subtitles available.

Israel's Photography Conventions

Initiated and Hosted by Roie Galitz

2011 Convention

Smolarsh Auditorium with 1300 participants

2012 Convention

3500 participants in Nokia Stadium Tel-Aviv

2013 Convention

In Smolarsh Auditorium with 2300 participants (2 days)

2014 Convention

Tel-Aviv Opera house with 1500 participants

2015 Convention

2500 participants in Tel-Aviv civic auditorium

2016 Convention

Coming Soon


Antarctica - with Penguins

Finland Embassy

Talk on Lapland

Channel 2 Prime Time

On Animals' Mistakes

Nature Photography Lecture

Lapland Extreme Talk